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A Relaxing 4 Days in Dubrovnik

In the summer of 2018 I spent a relaxing 4 Days in Dubrovnik, Croatia filled with sun, swimming and plenty of exploring. In this post I talk about what I did in these few days and what I would do if I went back.

Step by Step: How I Plan My Trips

Planning trips is one of my favorite parts of traveling. It is a way to get excited about the trip before you get anywhere close to the departure date. Here I explain step by step how I plan my trips from airfare to accommodations and everything in between.

Explore Kauai, Hawaii by Air, Land and Sea

The last leg of my college graduation in January 2020 was 4 days in Kauai, Hawaii. In this post I talk about exploring the island by helicopter, boat and foot. I also talk about what I would do if I were to go a second time including activities and restaurants.

How to Pick the Right Hostel

As long as I’ve been traveling by myself I’ve been staying in hostels. In this piece I tell you the best things about staying in hostels, how to know if a hostel is right for you and how to pick the right hostel for your traveling needs. I share all of the hostel chains I have stayed in and would stay in again.

How to Navigate Iceland in 4 Days

Summer 2019 I got the chance to visit Iceland on my way home from interning abroad in London. We spent a very busy, awe inspiring 5 days there (including the day we arrived and departed). Here is what we did and a guide to follow if you want to go to Iceland and seeing more than just the Golden Circle and Reykjavik in a short period of time.


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COVID-19 Update

As someone in the travel community I understand how hard it is not traveling now and having to cancel plans but it is so necessary to do so. We have to have to as a community think about more than just ourselves and the minor inconvenience we feel not being able to travel or do things like go out to bars and restaurants. We need to consider people that don’t have the luxury of being healthy or having a strong immune system and we need to social distance as much as possible not just for our health but for theirs. We need to put aside our wants and focus on others needs and come together as a community to make sure everyone is taken care of. Please be safe and stay healthy both physically and mentally in this difficult time and the difficult times to come! I will be posting about past trips during this time until I have the ability to safely go on future trips so stay tuned!

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