COVID- 19 Update

As someone in the travel community I understand how hard it is not traveling now and having to cancel plans but it is so necessary to do so. We have to have to as a community think about more than just ourselves and the minor inconvenience we feel not being able to travel or do things like go out to bars and restaurants. We need to consider people that don’t have the luxury of being healthy or having a strong immune system and we need to social distance as much as possible not just for our health but for theirs. We need to put aside our wants and focus on others needs and come together as a community to make sure everyone is taken care of.

Take this time to spend some quality time with your loved ones and as a reminder of how many amazing memories you’ve had in the past year! Here are a few pictures of my family as inspiration!

Please be safe and stay healthy both physically and mentally in this difficult time and the difficult times to come! I will be posting about past trips during this time starting with Los Angeles tomorrow until I have the ability to safely go on future trips so stay tuned!


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